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The affordable solution for parents everywhere

Embrace the smartphone age and engage with your kids on highly important topics. Keep on top of your kid's development.


Remain a positive influence in your kid's life, and take back control through innovative use of what has become everyday technology. Link your kid's smartphone to your own, and track your kid’s whereabouts for additional peace of mind.   Monitor and track various aspects of your kid's life. Get an insight into your kid's online behaviour. Monitor app usage, and discover and research unfamiliar apps. Monitor sleep quality and physical activity,  and have healthy conversations on appropriate use.  

quick reply to pick-up requests from kid

Want more? Get pick-up requests with automatic location when kid wants to be picked-up from an unfamiliar location. Get alerts if kid is driving/being driven at dangerous speeds. Has your kid ever lost a phone or tablet? Get automatic location of phone/tablet when device battery is critically low, and before device shuts down, possibly to be lost forever. 

Worried about possibly inappropriate Ads on kid’s App? No problem, we've thought of that too. These Apps are not supported by adverts  (see our Zero-Ads Policy). Concerned about privacy? See our Privacy Policy. Don’t have internet? Kids do not have a mobile data plan? No problem, our Professional version can also get critical location data by exchanging data through innovative use of regular SMS text.

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To be installed on your phone or tablet
Continued use requires aS$2.99 yearly subscription

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To be installed on your phone
Continued use requires a US$4.99 yearly subscription

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Where’s my kid?
(on your mobile device) 
Come Get Me!
(on kid’s mobile device)

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Awesome & Flexible

Where’s my kid?
(on your mobile device) 
Come Get Me!
(on kid’s mobile device)

Features marked with a * are available on the Professional Edition of the App.


V2.0 Features you asked for

designed for parents with kids
View Detailed Information and Maps
Fully Customisable Kid's App
Use Your Own Pictures
family friendly

Easy to use

Step-by-Step guides and context sensitive help all from within the App.  

location details

detailed location info

Track device address,  map location, map coordinates, speed and measurement accuracy. View multiple locations on a single map.
Text kid from within the App. 

works worldwide


Can be used even when you or your kid are on holiday in a foreign country. Requests from kid will automatically include their location. 

sms data communication


Innovative use of SMS text technology allows these Apps to be used in places without an internet connection. Useful if  kid  is not in a connected area and you need the location. 

for all the family


Manage up to 4 kids from a single App. Get the same level of insight over your entire family. Make the most of this parenting tool. 

kid friendly


Being kid oriented, we ensure these Apps are not sponsored by Ads. Make full use of both Apps for an entire year for the price of a single latte. Not a single ad in site. We value your support.  Learn more..

Features marked with a * are available on the Professional Edition of the App.

Explore FEATURES for

responsible parenting

Various aspects contribute to kids developing into healthy and well-balanced individuals. 

Sleep is essential to allow our kids the capacity to learn in school, also helping to keep cognitive and behavioural issues away.

Excessive usage of Apps and online social media can make kids feel anxious and tired, detracting from important physical activity necessary for health and normal development.

This app can detect activities that occur through your kid's interaction with the phone or tablet where the kid's app is installed. No other external sensors are required. The accuracy of the results obtained depends on a number of factors, including the availability and quality of device gyroscope, accellerometer, and GPS sensors.

As a result, we recommend you are always gentle with your kids, and use the app for the purpose of having sensible discussions and converstations about their lifestyle and wellbeing.

Walking, running, cycling and journey activities also require the Google Play App to be installed on their device. If not available these features will be disabled.

advanced options
To be installed on your phone or tablet
Continued use requires a US$2.99 yearly subscription

Download Standard edition

To be installed on your phone
Continued use requires a US$4.99 yearly subscription

Download Professional edition



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